Friday, January 3, 2014

FIVE LIBERTARIAN IDEAS #5 - Mexican self-defense militias, Disney movies, radical Islam, etc.

Weed clinic vs. drug cartel
Before medical marijuana was legalized in Arizona, underground medical clinics had little choice but to buy the drug in bulk from the Sinaloa cartel. When the drug was legalized for medicinal use, requiring clinics to grow their own supply, many clinic operators were assaulted and some murdered. This means that legalization of the drug in the U.S. is a threat to the cartels' finances and their authority. Let's peacefully neuter these terrorist organizations! –12/24

Christmas, Christianity, Free Will
Free will is a cornerstone of being human. Freedom of choice is a cornerstone of libertarianism. Christmas is one of my two favorite holidays. Today we observe the birth of One who came into the world to give us a choice: whether we would move forward or be left behind. Regardless of one's beliefs, we all have a choice, and I utilized my freedom to make MY choice. Merry Christmas! –12/25

Mexico’s self-defense militias
Murray Rothbard describes the militiamen at Concord as fighting a guerrilla war of national liberation. In Mexico's current civil war, towns are rising up to fight their oppressors. They've defied gun control, declared their communities autonomous, and replaced the corrupt militarized police with local militias. No group of people better represents libertarian national defense and self-defense than these patriots. –12/26

Grimm’s vs. Disney
I wish America grew up on Grimm's fairy tales instead of Disney. Our society has UNREALISTIC expectations of living happily ever after and everything being magical. Women want to be treated like princesses. Instead, I think men ought to treat women like queens... A queen ranks above a common man, but like queens, women must be poised, strong, and capable of being leaders. –12/27

Islam, terrorism, drug prohibition
Muslims are not a threat to our national security--RADICAL Islam is. The difference between Muslims and Al Qaeda is the same difference between Christians and the Ku Klux Klan. But the BIGGEST threat to our national security is paramilitary drug cartels in Mexico forging alliances with American street and prison gangs. The reason they have so much power is the same reason American gangsters grew powerful in the 1920s: GOVERNMENT PROHIBITION. –12/28

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UPOEG photo courtesy of enca dot com.