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Voices of rEVOLution
Americans Speak Out for Ron Paul

In honor of Ted Jotte inviting me onto The Dennis Ford Show, I released to all our listeners the FREE eBook of the 2012 book VOICES OF REVOLUTION: Americans Speak Out for Ron Paul.  Though the book was targeted to Democrat and Republican voters during the 2012 election cycle, this book still stands as a testimony to the character of Dr. Ron Paul, the hope he inspired in countless patriot activists, and the book stands as a document for future generations to catch a detailed glimpse at an exciting time during a dark period of American history.

Ron Paul had a dream for a brighter future, and so did the many patriots who contributed their writings to this book, including Zach Foster, Ted Jotte, Jeffrey Tucker, and Senator Rand Paul.  This grass roots initiative was organized with help from Tom Woods and raised some honest money for Revolution PAC.  Now the world can enjoy the book that won California State Polytechnic University's Golden Leaves Award.

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Civil War in Mexico
Re-Examining Armed Conflict and Criminal Insurgency

Photo by Borderland Bear Reporter Buggs via CC BY-SA 2.5 license. Image obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

The Mexican Drug War has resulted in an appallingly high death toll of 135,000 as of October 2013. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration identifies the situation in Mexico as a  problem with organized crime, thereby making it a criminal justice issue, despite the drug war’s striking resemblance to an armed conflict. Most notable about the conflict is the combined ability of multiple heavily-armed drug trafficking organizations to wage and sustain armed resistance against the state. This study takes the position that the Mexican drug war is a civil war. In order to prove this position, this study will analyze multiple scholarly definitions of armed conflict and civil war to verify that the ongoing drug war satisfies the requirements for civil war. Next, brief case studies of five accepted civil wars will be compared with the Mexican drug war in order to highlight similarities. The wars incorporated into the case studies are the civil wars in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq, Colombia, and the Mexican Revolution

Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard join a pantheon of reputable English- and Spanish-language sources collected for this study.  You can download the PDF or read it online on my profile.

Senator Obama
(short story)

Barack Obama had a vision for change.  His message gave hope to millions of disillusioned voters.  From the rural suburbs of Illinois to the battlefield in Afghanistan, SENATOR OBAMA tells the story of a man who made a promise to the American people—a promise he could not keep.

"One hell of a good short story from Political Zach Foster!"
—Ted Jotte, NWO Truth Radio

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