Monday, April 24, 2017

Betas: 'Pinochet ONLY Killed 3,000 People!'

"Communism killed over 100 million people in the 20th century. Agosto Pinochet only killed 3,000 people!"  That's the excuse the alt-right and other fascist sympathizers cower behind.  For starters, it's a weak argument.  Let's not forget that between Italy's invasion of Africa as well as Japan's invasion of Manchuria and the end of World War II that fascism killed in 15 years almost as many victims as Communism killed in 75 years!

But alas, closeted white supremacists scream about the red menace while ignoring the others. They're like people who worry about swine flu, bird flu, West Nile virus, etc. while ignoring things like the common flu which kills way more people.  Worse yet, many Libertarians are too spineless to call these fascists what they really are (i.e. socialists hiding behind the colors of nationalism, or the kind of people which Ludwig von Mises trashed decades ago in his writings). 

Let's come up with a hypothetical character... a fictional revolutionary conservative we'll call Victus Romano.  If Victus hooks up with a transsexual prostitute in Orlando before physically removing him/her out of a helicopter, and he finds that he only has 1 wart on his dick whereas the hooker's last client has 100 warts on his dick, it doesn't matter that the other guy's herpes outbreak is way worse than Victus'.


At this point, we're ONLY arguing about the number of sores, not the fact that he has a DISEASE.

Government is a disease. All this weak argument of "only 3,000" does is 1) distract from the main issue by making it about quantity versus quality, also distracting from the simple truth that tyranny is tyranny and democide is fucking democide; 2) It encourage confused libertarians to go full retard. Never go full retard!

The problem is these people were largely killed based on hearsay and without a trial. Even if 99% of them were communists, Pinochet still violated the individual rights of the innocent people wrongly killed. Libertarianism is about protecting individuals, not killing communists.

Unfortunately, the Pepe the Frog cult doesn't care about rights. Their idea of free speech includes every private event accommodating Richard Spencer's right to speak, but in their world, free speech doesn't exist for communists.  Communists only exist to be murdered... to somehow protect freedom.

No, the alt-right doesn't care about rights.  They only care about growing their state to protect their private property from the threat of left-wing... statists.  The government must be grown and a little bit of private property seized in order to protect us all from the boogeymen who want to... grow the government and take private property. They're Republicans who discovered the anarchy symbol, much like every 12 year old punk rock kid in the suburbs who discovers Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden.

I'm willing to bet a whole bunch of liberals probably just made your average Kek cyber worshiper feel bad for being white. I'll be here waiting when those people get tired of conforming to the pure raw ANGER radiating from the alt-right.

Also, Victus, Mexico is still not paying for your god-emperor's Wall.

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Pinochet image courtesy of Know Your Meme.  Good Night Left Side and Anti-Antifa insignia courtesy of sexually humiliated angry men.  Full permission is granted to reprint the text of this article as long as the author is credited and a link is provided back to this page.

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