Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #21 - War in Gaza, War in Ukraine, Personal responsibility

Israeli soldiers shield a child during a rocket attack

Arguing over Gaza
Since Jews and Muslims, liberals and conservatives are BACK into hysterical arguing over whether Israel or Palestine has the moral high ground in Gaza, I would like to formally protest the U.S. government's illegal conquest and occupation of my two ethnic motherlands, northern Mexico and the Confederate States of America. ‪#‎lol‬ -7/12

Alcoholism and personal responsibility
Dealing with alcoholic family members brings me in touch with my inner Ayn Rand. No, I don't want to help you. Your poor choices do not amount to my emergency. You had every opportunity under the sun to get your act together. Stop blaming other people for your problems. Others may enable your parasitic behavior but I refuse to participate. -7/13

PTSD from gang violence in LA
Every day this summer I've worked with teenage boys who have PTSD from gang violence in LA. They have thousand yard stares and can recount in graphic detail their friends and neighbors being shot, and them being attacked for refusing to join a gang.

Every day these boys make the decision to risk their lives going to school and to Scout meetings, and they're working towards becoming Eagle Scouts and making plans to afford college.

Then you've got people here in the suburbs who were handed everything on a silver platter, who make every excuse for not having their act together. It makes me sick. -7/18

Anti-Russian mentality
Julie Borowski did well to pose this question: Is there an anti-Russian mentality in the US? I think there is, and it's remained after the Cold War, and that mentality bothers me. I'm in no way anti-Russian, but rather anti-Kremlin. The thuggish actions of Comrade Putin and his merry band of ex-KGB officers and former Party apparatchiks do not represent the vast majority of Russians who manage to live their lives without invading neighboring countries, promoting Communism, or praising Stalin. -7/21

Civilian casualties in the War in Ukraine
Between the Russian government covertly shooting down the airliner and the Ukrainian government carrying out multiple air-to-ground strikes, more and more civilians are being killed in the crossfire. This is unacceptable! Civilians will inevitably be caught in the crossfire of wars but if risk of civilian casualties can be minimized, it should be minimized immediately. It's better for both sides to risk soldiers (all of whom are volunteers in this war) on ground operations than to carry out air operations that kill more civilians. -7/22

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Photo by the IDF

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