Thursday, November 13, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #29 - Capitalism, Race, and Humanity

Free market legacies
It inspires me to think of a lasting legacy that productive people can leave in a free market. Think of some of America's breweries that have continuously been in business for two hundred years. Think of some of your favorite bestselling authors today. Long after they're dead, their books will still be selling on Amazon and in major bookstores. -10/26

Future historians debating about humans
Someday intelligent beings from other universes will be debating over human history, possibly even the way humans regarded the sanctity of human life. The leftist aliens will call us racist for only regarding human life instead of extraterrestrial life as well. As we today regard the Roman Empire or the Southern States, the conservative aliens will argue that it was a different time and they should regard us in that context. Then a very small faction of aliens will know that humans who believed in the sanctity of human life showed much more compassion and tolerance for living things than most of their own species. -10/29

Race and martyrdom
The easiest way for a person to be immortalized and lionized in this country is to be murdered by someone of a different race. Then the people will protest and march in the thousands, chanting your name and holding up your photo. However, don't screw it up by getting offed by someone of the same race as you. Sure, that murderer hated you--or maybe it was 'just business'--but he hated you as an individual, not as a member of a group. Only your family and friends will mourn you. There will be no rallies, no candlelight vigils, because Charlatans posing as leaders will make no money off you in their deceptive crusade to keep racism alive. -11/3

The GOP in the 2014 midterm elections
My heartfelt hopes and prayers go to Arturo Alas, Jack Orswell, and Joe Gardner in Southern California, and to Curtis Ayotte in Maine. With the exception of the libertarian faction, I hope the Republican Party loses as much as possible today. I want them to hurt. It gives me nothing but joy to see the GOP reaping its due harvest from the seeds of corruption and neoconservatism. The Right needs more pain before they truly learn their lesson. -11/4

Diversity and liberty
I love the diversity you see in the liberty movement, in race, culture, and counterculture. All these different people from various walks of life come together at conferences, plotting to leave you the hell alone. -11/8

* * *

South wall of a mural depicting Detroit industry, painted by Diego Rivera. Image courtesy of Fine Art America and used via Fair Use.

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