Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #30 - The Democrat Party is dying, and more

People's Bank of China Headquarters in Beijing
Central banking in China
This week's The Economist calls for the Chinese central bank to cut interest rates and end its policy of silence. Let us be warned: America's economy can still become a victim of central banking from abroad, especially when foreign central banks cause booms or busts for American firms with foreign holdings. -11/24

50+ Democrat Senators voted to renew the PATRIOT Act in 2014
[The Democrat Party] only cares about civil liberties when a white man attacks a black man. That party represents the working class only enough to keep them impoverished and subservient to Party and State. -11/19

Liberal Democrats are beginning to support Rand Paul
I'm crying tears of joy! We have here an influential liberal Democrat journalist who's been sold by Senator Paul's opposition to unconstitutional war and the Leviathan state. The message of liberty is migrating across the political spectrum and the results are marvelous to behold. -11/17

A message to Rand Paul after the 2014 midterm elections
Mr. Senator, I'm ridiculously steamed that the GOP won control of both houses of Congress, especially since most of these red blanket babies will oppose you. However, I urge you to reintroduce Audit the Fed in the Senate, reminding your [Republican] colleagues that the Dems so vehemently opposed it. Let's get the Fed audited so we may soon expose its economic crimes to the general public. Let's get the ball rolling and set in motion a chain of events by which we can end the Fed. -11/15

Regarding an article about a married couple that chooses not to live together
I don't agree with it. I can see how they'd want it, but it's not for me. I'm just too old fashioned in cherishing the idea of waking up next to her. But society should accept this couple's decision for 3 reasons:

1) It's no one else's damn business.
2) Just because they do it, doesn't mean the rest of society needs to imitate.

3) This arrangement strengthens their marriage, especially in a time when marriage is reduced to lawsuits and fairy tales.

* * *

PBC HQ photo by "Yongxinge" and used via CC BY-SA 3.0 license. Rand Paul photo by Gage Skidmore and used via CC BY-SA 3.0 license.  Both images obtained from Wikipedia.

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