Thursday, February 20, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #8 - Liberty Movement a house divided

Anarchists and Minarchists
I consider myself a conservative libertarian, which I suppose could be the same as a libertarian minarchist. Other conservative libertarians might be anarchists who think it's not quite time for the state to go away, while the full anarchist libertarians are waiting for the rest of us to make the final conversion. Once you go libertarian, the "left" and the "right" simply become varying degrees of communism and fascism. I can tell ya that most an-caps are cool people. Anyone who automatically gets hostile just hearing that you're "minarchist" has gone where we can't follow: past reality, into a mental state where pure theory replaces reality. –2/3

IP and plagiarism
It's hilarious when people copy and paste my status updates instead of doing the Facebook share. Folks, just because we don't believe in IP doesn't mean direct plagiarism is okay...... –2/7

Organized religion and atheism equally threaten liberty
I've seen the infighting between libertarians and am not pleased. Organized RELIGION as just as big a threat to the liberty movement as is militant ATHEISM. Christendom was a death sentence of thousands in Reformation-era Europe, as was Reason a death sentence in revolutionary France and Russia. When dogma pollutes principles from EITHER direction, "life" and "liberty" become empty rhetoric. –2/10

Liberty: A house divided
The liberty movement is MUCH more divided than the standard "left" and "right". Leftists and neocons tend to agree with each other far more often because each group follows its standard line of dogma, hardly ever thinking for themselves to seriously question the prevailing dogma. In the liberty movement, people really do think independently, which is why we have lots of libertarians disagreeing on many details. Despite this, WE SET ASIDE THE SMALL STUFF TO WORK FOR THE BIG PICTURE. –2/13

Denouncing Lincoln on Facebook makes you look like a bigot
They've got a point. We need to keep in mind that, despite what we know, Lincoln is still one of the most beloved leaders in American history. Instead of just bashing Lincoln, come up with other 1860s Republicans, or even Southerners, who were anti-slavery but pro-liberty (in a libertarian context)...  If we do it tactfully, like saying, "Honestly, I've learned some things about Lincoln that kind of made me lose respect for him" then we may make inroads. If we jump out and just start shouting "LINCOLN WAS EVIL!!!" then please see [the title heading for this idea]. –2/17

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U.S./Tea Party flag image in the public domain.

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