Thursday, March 6, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #10 - Wars in Ukraine

Russian troops with no insignia occupy Crimea, Feb. 28, 2014

Civil wars in Ukraine
Nearly 100 years ago Ukraine had a civil war to decide whether Ukraine would be an independent nation-state or join with Soviet Russia. The Ukrainian Bolsheviks won the war and Ukrainian suffered in the USSR. This time around, I hope the Ukrainian people unite to fully emancipate from Russian influence and avoid fighting each other. –2/25

Three-sided civil war in Syria
The Syrian Civil War has devolved into a three-way war between the Syrian government (and Russian troops), the secular Syrian rebels, and jihadists. The people of the Middle East need to approach future revolutions with extreme caution because non-state groups will look for any openings they can find for religious war. –2/27

Russian invasion of Ukraine
Russian troops are on standby to enter the Ukraine. If the Russians invade, Ukraine will surely spiral into civil war. Just like in 1918, pro-Russians and pro-Western Ukrainians will fight over the future of their country. Violent revolutions eat their children; for that, I'd much sooner see Ukrainians lead a decade of peaceful reforms than suffer one year of war. –2/27

White Russians capture Bolsheviks in Kerch, Ukraine, 1919.
Russian invasion commences
Yet again the Kremlin invades a neighbor for housing individuals who want their country to be totally free of the Cold War. –3/1

Secession of Crimea
Russia is imposing the secession of Crimea from the Ukraine via its army which invaded foreign territory. We libertarians support self-determination for people who wish to secede, but not when they're made puppets by invaders. Crimea's Ukrainians must vote whether or not to secede in a plebiscite moderated by a neutral party. –3/3

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Russian troops in Crimea photo by the U.S. Navy.  Kerch 1919 photo from the Imperial War Museum Online Database.  Both images are in the public domain.

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