Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #11 - Israel, Crimea, the Mafia, National Defense

Orthodox Jews in the IDF
[Regarding the new Israeli policy to draft Orthodox Jews into the Israeli Defense Force:] I'm okay with voluntary statehood but states that force people to fight for what they don't believe in ARE NOT free countries. -3/16
Ukrainian soldier killed in Crimea
"Crimean Self-Defense Force" (Russian Army invaders)
[Regarding the Ukrainian soldier shot dead by Russian troops in Crimea:] He was just doing tower duty at his duty station in his own country. Until now, Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea have been unarmed, RESISTING PEACEFULLY. Vladimir Putin, you Stalinist bastard! -3/19
National defense and voluntarism
Congressman Ron Paul said that the armed forces should exist only for national defense. I never trained anyone to kill a man but I do take pride in training people to save lives, military and civilian alike. National defense, baby!! -3/19

Constitutional national defense
I love the Army and I love the soldiers who dedicate their lives to national defense. What I hate are the politicos and the crony capitalists who collude to send my brothers and sisters into harm's way unnecessarily. When the liberty movement peacefully restores the government to its constitutional boundaries, more libertarians will be able to celebrate all the men and women who voluntarily contribute to a CONSTITUTIONAL national defense. -3/21
Pope Francis against the mafia
I support Pope Francis' stand against the Italian mafia. His stand may just get some of their dedicated Catholics to repent, and prevent other Catholics from joining the baby-killers. However, the mafia in Mexico has formed a religious cult (Santa Muerte) as a response to their excommunication. What the world needs are 1) leaders like Pope Francis who take a be-all-end-all stand against organized crime, and 2) civilians with the right to bear arms who will not be prosecuted for defending themselves against criminal insurgency. -3/21

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"Crimean Self-Defense Force" image by Voice of America and in the public domain. Pope Francis photo by Edgar Jimenez and used via CC BY-SA 2.0 license.  Both images obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

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