Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sky Sailing [poem]

Smooth sailing on days like this one
When the rains beckon me

To climb

I climb aboard and climb so high as
Swift high winds kiss my neck
And cheek

I ride this gallant mare through the sun,
Silver cloud gliding o'er
Sand dunes

The burning wasteland far below me,
Such a golden city,

Away from the world, from prying eyes
By they who built it long

I descend from my silver steed to
Put my boot on the rock,

Bright crimson by the warriors who built
These pyramids of gold,

Ladders of wood ascending into
The mountainous caverns,

The treasure I seek that lays concealed
In gold stone pyramids,

I can almost see her lying in wait,
Beckoning me ever

I see her in my mind's eye, the key!
Jewels of turquoise quartz
Illuminated by smooth skin
Of fine bronze and alabaster,
Hair in long braids covering
Her breasts as she waits
To be discovered,

For in discovering her she holds
The key to happiness

My frantic footsteps bring me closer,
Closer to her, to the

The door opens, El Dorado at last!
I sought her so long, but

I see only a mirror...

* * *

Arizona desert Native American photo by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and is in the public domain. Pyramid of the Moon photo by Diego Delso and used via CC BY SA 3.0 license. Both images were obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

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