Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Civil War in Mexico (the Mexican drug war)

High school aged kids from Juarez would take part in--and be victim of--massacres that shocked the world.

Mexican Marines operating against paramilitary Los Zetas
Hello, fellow libertarians and aspiring libertarians!

Many of you expressed interest on Facebook and Twitter in my undergrad thesis on the Mexican drug war, which I argue is a multisided civil war and a modern war.  The paper is complete, was submitted two months ago, I presented it at three conferences, and I'm graduating in two weeks.  Hoorah!

I recently polished and expanded the paper (in order for it to be above the quality of Finals Season, i.e., great rush, much caffeine, little sleep). Once I was happy with it, I submitted it for publication and I sure hope they accept it!

In the meantime, I uploaded my unpublished paper as a working paper on Academia.edu.  If you're interested in a 50+ page academic paper on people killing each other in creative ways, then you'll enjoy it. The title is "CIVIL WAR IN MEXICO: Re-Examining Armed Conflict and Criminal Insurgency." You can download the PDF or read it online on my Academia profile.

P.S. I cited Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard as academic sources.  Winning!!!

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Photo by Borderland Bear Reporter Buggs via CC BY-SA 2.5 license. Image obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

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