Friday, June 6, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #19 - Ron Swanson, Troops for Ron Paul

Technology and the free market
Last night I was reading a kickass novel on my tablet via the Kindle app. Now I'm out and about reading the same book on my phone, and the Kindle app on my phone brought me to where I left off on the tablet. Incredible!

Better yet, I got the tablet for FREE as a special promo for buying ANY Android phone. Now I'm having a blast with two new devices that allow me to run a side business, do homework, and be entertained on-the-go. This is a beautiful example of the wealth and abundance created by the free market.

Today is a wonderful day to be libertarian. -5/14

Ron Swanson libertarian or Kim Jong Un communist?
SFL asked if I was a Ron Swanson libertarian or a Kim Jong-un communist. Frankly, I was sorely tempted to go with the commies. They may have their collective head up their collective ass, but they know what pageantry is! We libertarians are on point about a whole lot of things, but the Reds have style! (Thus endeth the jest.) -5/15

Troops for Ron Paul
I was walking around on post today, wearing my Youth for Paul T-shirt, when a soldier passing me says "Hell yeah, bro, Ron Paul!" Made…. my... day!  Though many in the liberty movement arrogantly scorn these "servants of the state," those who have to cash with blood the checks written by civilian leaders are among the MOST receptive to a humble libertarian foreign policy. -5/19

Civil war in Ukraine
Civil war is already upon Ukraine. With the army having failed, Ukrainian patriots have assembled pro-Kiev militias and clashed with separatists in the so-called Donetsk People's Republic. Ukraine is a prime example of the new kind of non-state warfare. Wars between governments are a thing of the past. Wars between private groups are the new wave. Mexico is another prime example of this. -5/21

Enter the Ukrainian National Guard
According to Simon Ostrovsky (formerly detained and beaten by Russian separatists), the entire First Battalion of the Ukrainian National Guard are volunteers who were peaceful protestors at Euro Maidan in Kiev. They stood up to a corrupt regime because it oppressed and repressed peaceful dissent. Now they're in combat in Eastern Ukraine because they oppose the Kremlin invading via Spetsnaz and installing breakaway puppet states like the so-called Donetsk People's Republic. They're an all-volunteer force.

* * *

Smart phone photo by the UK Ministry of Defense, via Open Government License 1.0; Ukraine image by Mstyslav Chernov, via CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

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