Saturday, July 12, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #20 - Mexico, the Border, and California

Local militia to government force
Mexico's self-defense militias have been reorganized into the Rural Forces with government oversight. They may still succeed, since most of Mexico's federal police are Sinaloa Cartel agents, not Knights Templar. However, given the rampant infiltration of the federal police and army by criminal insurgents, I expect casualties to rise for the Rural Forces. God help those patriots. -6/24

The National Guard and the border

California needs a governor who isn't afraid to mobilize the National Guard and state defense force to bolster border security. It doesn't bother me that people come here illegally to work (and frankly, cheap labor keeps prices down for consumers like us). What BOTHERS me is that there's a civil war south of the border and criminal insurgents are freely crossing the border to kidnap and murder, and to intimidate/extort law abiding small businesses and LEGAL marijuana collectives. -6/28

No foreign aid, period

I agree with Senator Paul's idea to cut off all US aid to the Palestinian Authority, especially since Hamas just murdered three teenagers, one of them a US citizen. However, I believe the government should cut all foreign aid, period. If tax dollars must be stolen from American taxpayers, let those dollars be spent on American infrastructure rather than backing sides in foreign wars. -7/2

LGBT adoption

As a Christian and a libertarian, I would much rather see a child adopted into a loving home, even by a same sex couple, than for that child to remain in the foster system as a ward of the state. Children deserve a loving home and if the adoptive parents are capable of providing that, who are we to stand in the way? -7/7

Democrats and gay marriage

The Democrats have held power over the California legislature for years. If they really gave a damn about the LGBTQ community like they say they do, gay marriage would have been fully legalized in California years ago, but it AIN'T. The libertarian solution: marriage is between two consenting adults and a judge, or between two consenting adults and God. It's no one else's damn business. -7/12

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