Friday, September 19, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #25 - War, Economics, Freedom

Free market abundance
My 14 year old nephew tells me he and his buddies went into Sam's Club and ate a full lunch just from being offered free samples. This speaks volumes about the abundance created by profit-seeking ingenuity, when groups of people at a time get a free feast from an advertising campaign. -9/2

Seceding from the Confederacy
Jones County, Mississippi is an interesting historical case. During the War Between the States, Jones County became a haven for Confederate Army deserters. These deserters fought a sporadic guerrilla war against state militia and Confederate Army troops, vigorously defending their status and free and individually self-governed people. -9/5

Fast food minimum wage
Fast food workers in Southern California are protesting for a $15 an hour wage. Truly, minimum wage is a job killer. It wouldn't be "necessary" if government didn't tax the working class back into poverty, nor inflate their hard-earned dollars til the value is next to nothing, nor strangled private sector job growth by picking winners and losers via "bailouts" and subsidized loans. -9/5

Libertarian role models
It's safe to say my role models are Jesus of Nazareth, Ethan Allen, and Bart Simpson. I'm a believer, a fighter, and I won't be told how to live my life. -9/8

Nazis and Commies in Ukraine
Ukraine's Azov Batallion is an openly white supremacist militia, while the Russians are nostalgic for communism and Stalin. God help us all, history is repeating itself. Socialists and fascists are slugging it out over whose way is right, and people are dying. The ONLY right way is maximum individual LIBERTY. Oh, by the way, the Russians violated the ceasefire today. -9/8

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Sam's Club logo is the property of Wal-Mart and used here in accordance with Fair Use law. Azov Battalion is an element of the Ukrainian government. Both images were obtained from Wikipedia.

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