Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #26 - NFL, Redbox, and ISIS

The Arab-Israeli conflict
As far as the Arab-Israeli conflict goes, international intervention is a lose-lose scenario. That guerrilla war's been going on for almost 70 years. As a soldier I think the Israelis should slug it out with Hamas and erase the Gaza strip. As a constitutionalist I think they should make the Arabs full Israeli citizens guaranteed the rights thereof while also recognizing them as a protected minority. Furthermore, Israel should allow international companies to invest in the West Bank and create jobs for the Arabs. But other countries should stay the hell out. Let both sides stop killing and start trading. -9/11

Domestic violence is bad for business
I love seeing the backlash of sponsors withdrawing their support of the NFL or individual players amidst all the domestic violence scandals. The NFL doesn't need government to regulate behavior. They're finding out that hiring players who behave abhorrently is simply bad for business. -9/18

The Scotland referendum
[In response to the UK winning the vote:] William Wallace is rolling in his grave. -9/18

ISIS and the homeland
The more threats the Islamic State issues against my homeland and the people I love, the greater is my resolve not to be intimidated. Free people will not live in fear. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go grill up some bacon just to spite them. -9/19

Redbox vs Piracy
used to work at Hollywood Video until we were put out of business by bad corporate leadership and the convenience of Netflix. Then FiOs gave Netflix a run for their money. Now we have amazing Redbox which lets me see the movies I want for $1.20 per day instead of $3.99. I never thought I'd see the day when ingenious entrepreneurship made DVD piracy a waste of time and money, but here it is! -9/22

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