Friday, October 3, 2014

Arturo Alas for Congress

Let me start by saying that I hate political commercials and I hope you do too. This isn't a commercial; it's information you need to know.

After the painful 2012 election cycle I'm largely inactive in electoral politics. I'm making an exception for Arturo Alas (Art, as I know him).

I got in trouble a lot on the campaign trail for my brutal honesty. After a few minutes of speaking with someone, I can tell if they're full of it or not (and I often let them know). I've met and spoken with Art multiple times and he's genuine.

One of the reasons I detest most politicians is twofold. First, too many of them skip the real world. They go from university to a political internship to running for office (and usually paid for by special interests). Second, these professional bureaucrats are so arrogant to tell us that THEY know how to create jobs.

Art, on the other hand, is the son of immigrants and a self-made businessman. He knows firsthand how jobs are (and aren't) created.

"As long as taxes are high and regulations are literally written by corporate lobbyists, small businesses will never be able to grow and employ more people." Art also says, "As long as government is creating jobs when private business can't, taxes will continue to go up and lobbyists will write more regulations."

Art Alas is right on the money with his pro-free market, pro-liberty, and international-non-interventionist ideas.  Art represents a libertarian-leaning platform that, when applied, will be an excellent starting point for scaling back big government and government-made oppression.  These are practical avenues for political solutions.

Better yet, I believe in Art and what he stands for. I left the Republican Party months ago but I've always placed principles over personality. I share Art's principles and so I'll support this Republican because I believe he represents me during a time when most "leaders" don't deserve to represent you and I.

I'm Zach Foster, and I'm backing Art Alas for Congress in 2014.

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