Sunday, December 1, 2013

Five Libertarian Ideas #1

Electing libertarians

The liberty movement's best inter-party electoral strategy is to run Libertarian candidates for local offices and libertarian Republicans for state and federal offices. (11/22)

Facebook activism
Tagging a boat-load of people in politically charged photos is no way to grow the liberty movement. A much better (and less annoying) alternative for reaching those less politically inclined is benignly commenting on current events and the unfortunate people being hurt by the event or policy. (11/25)

Violence against women
The amount of domestic and sexual violence committed against women is unacceptable. That's why I support women who practice their 2nd Amendment right. A person's liberty is no less at stake when attacked by an individual instead of the state. (11/27)

Let's count our blessings that human ingenuity, the market economy, and voluntary cooperation have raised our overall standard of living and our ability to survive in what was once untamed wilderness. Now we have Internet, heating, running water, and the closest thing to Indian fighting these days is the day we all pig out and pretend there was no Indian fighting. (11/28)


I've really enjoyed seeing all the libertarian tributes to JFK on the Internet recently. He had his faults, but using his more liberty-friendly quotes to promote our libertarian views is a GREAT way to reach out to the left. (11/29)

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Adapted Gadsden flag image is in the public domain and was retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

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