Sunday, December 15, 2013

Five Libertarian Ideas #3

World War I
World War I be damned! The Fed inflated currency for an Allied victory. WWI gave us the Armenian genocide. It gave us the rise of the Bolsheviks and a charming country called the Soviet Union. The lines in Africa and the Middle East were re-drawn with no regard for ethnic/religious rivalries. Worst of all, WWI and the lopsided Versailles Treaty gave us the Nazi Party and eventually World War II. Mr. Wilson, the war DID NOT make the world safe for democracy! —12/09

Private drones
I'm not a fan of having its private fleet of drones. Private drones can violate our right to privacy just as easily as government models. Better yet, any developments Amazon funds in drone technology can easily be taken over by the government in a time of war. —12/10

Rand Paul 2016
I highly respect the Libertarian Party. Hell, I even voted for Gary Johnson in November 2012. Still, I must say this: let's not split up the liberty vote in the 2016 presidential election. If Rand Paul is good enough for Ron Paul, then he's good enough for me. Rand's presidency will be a big step up for liberty if he's able to do even half of what he's been lobbying for in the Senate. —12/11

Balancing the right to life
A woman in Michigan nearly died because the Catholic hospital she was a patient at refused to perform an emergency abortion of a stillborn baby. This is disturbing! Private institutions have every right to not perform certain procedures per freedom of religion, but it's their responsibility to provide timely options for treatments at other hospitals so their patents' lives aren't jeopardized. If institutions don't regulate themselves, the American people will regulate them through big government liberalism. —12/12

GOP/Libertarian Party partnerships

Talking with many liberty activists, I see an EXCELLENT tactic on the rise. In Republican-controlled and swing districts, we run libertarians for Congress and state legislatures on the Republican ticket while the Libertarian Party runs candidates for city council and school board. In leftist districts where the GOP has no chance, the LP runs candidates for major office as dialogue changers while the LP and GOP partner on local races. The liberty movement will eventually dominate American politics as long as we continue putting principles before party. —12/13

* * *

Drone image courtesy of AGX Technologia via CC BY-SA 3.0 license.  LP UK image courtesy of T.D. Fleming via CC BY-SA 3.0 license.  Both images obtained via Wikimedia Commons.

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