Friday, December 6, 2013

Five Libertarian Ideas #2


Prostitution, as voluntary exchange between consenting adults, could be a victimless "crime," but government bans make it a punishable crime and drive it into the criminal underground. Sex's high demand and low supply creates a need for prostitutes, so criminal pimps will kidnap and coerce modern slaves. This is how women and young girls get caught in human trafficking. Every client a prostitute serves is an act of aggression against her body and soul, inflicted on her by her pimp who is her "State" in the criminal underground. Does government intervention REALLY help??? –12/2

Anarchism vs. Minarchism
Anarchist and minarchist libertarians need to bury the hatchet already. Don't be elitist because you do or don't believe in eliminating the state right away. A revolution won't magically happen. We need to CONSOLIDATE the strength of our #libertarian organizations and work to elect Libertarians and libertarian Republicans who will vote and fight to End the Fed, end the TSA, fight the IRS, end the warrant-less wiretapping, bring back a gold or competing minerals standard, protect the 2nd Amendment, end the war on drugs, and bring our troops home.  –12/3

Anarchists and elections
Libertarian hatchet-burying Part II: Anarchist and minarchist libertarians often work together in the Libertarian Party and even the Republican Party's libertarian faction. The an-caps who participate in the electoral process agree on the following:

--Yes, the state is "violence", and so participating in elections would constitute in participating in "violence"
--Since the state has already committed "violence" by taxing/robbing us and stripping away our liberties, for libertarians to participate in elections is SELF-DEFENSE, which does not violate the NAP.
--By building our movement and winning libertarian victories at the polls, they can use their self-defensive actions to LOWER and eventually END the violence of the state.

Our movement will NEVER succeed if we can't pair THEORY with REALITY. –12/3

Attacking people with truth
Judd Weiss said it best: we need to DISCUSS our ideas with people, NOT argue or troll. Telling people "YOU'RE WRONG" is like beating them in the face with the truth, so then people have to DEFEND against the truth assault. They shut themselves off to our libertarian message in mental self-defense because our approach was that of a bully. There are more positive ways to counter their ideas, like "You have a good point but I see a better solution" or "Actually, I've seen LOTS of evidence to the contrary." Then they RECEIVE the truth because you're treating them like a peer, not like the enemy. –12/4

Nelson Mandela’s lessons

Dear liberty movement: talking shit about Nelson Mandela for allegedly being a socialist/communist is NO way to win the liberty movement any supporters. He's far too well beloved, and I guarantee you any smack talk will burn bridges with potential libertarians coming from the left. It's much better to use Mandela's life to respectfully promote libertarian ideas, especially libertarian solutions to approaching and improving race relations. –12/5

* * *

Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton image is by the U.S. Government and in the public domain.  The image was obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

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