Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #12 - The Russian New World Order, US/Mexico militias

Focusing on militias or gangs?
I disagree with the militia movement but I have to say the leftist media outlets cause unbalanced distractions. In the last decade there have been a handful of militia-related murders (mostly white supremacists) whereas gun-control Chicago alone has had 50+ murders this quarter. Can we prioritize puh-leez??? -3/21

"Comandante Bonita" staging with other self-defense volunteers
“La bonita autodefensa de Michoacán”
This female Mexican militia volunteer is a hero with recent combat experience and Telemundo wants to do a story about her beauty, complete with close ups of her ass. Yes, yes, she's attractive, but are they covering a war or doing a calendar shoot??? -3/23

Civilian human shields in Crimea
Cossack militias and "Crimean self-defense forces" (Russian soldiers) are using civilians as human shields for storming Ukrainian military bases in Crimea.  If the Crimean "unorganized militia" want to fight, that's understandable, but for the Russians to have invaded AND adopt a tactic of using civilians as human shields, while firing on Ukrainian troops, is just plain sick. If I can call out my country when it's wrong to invade others, I can sure as hell call out the neo-Stalin in the Kremlin. -3/23

"For the Soviet east!" 10th years of the Red Army
The Russian New World Order
I don't read much into the New World Order conspiracies, but the way some people in the movement are portraying Vladimir Putin as a self-defensive hero is WRONG and it MAKES ME SICK. If you believe in a New World Order, you'd better believe that Putin represents a DIFFERENT NWO. He may not call it such, but in conquering multiple former Soviet territories for Russia, Putin is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union. -3/24

Unity in the liberty movement
Well, fellow liberty folks, we COULD focus on the 98.7% of the things we agree on, OR we could argue over that 1.3% until it escalates to the point of madness like unto Jack Nicholson in The Shining -3/24

* * *

Comandante Bonita image courtesy of Union Jalisco ( Russian Red Army poster in the public domain and obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

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