Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #13 - Star Wars, organized crime and POLITICAL CORRUPTION

Star Wars and the Fed
I love the STAR WARS novel "Darth Plagueis". The protagonist is a Sith lord (the same who plans the Clone Wars and rise of the Empire). His day job is intergalactic banking. Hmm, large-scale banking and planning wars... FEDERAL RESERVE!!! –3/26

Organized crime in politics
Leland Yee
California State Senator Leland Yee is in big trouble now. While his helping broker a major arms deal for the Triads is definitely laudable for ambitious creativity alone, Yee is definitely not the first American politician to be caught in bed with organized crime.

He's also not the first California Democratic legislator to be charged with corruption. I think it's safe to say every State Senator and Assembly member in California with a "D" after their name on the ballot ought to be investigated by the Feds. –3/28

Perspectives on the American Revolution
Conservatives: The Founding Fathers were all conservatives and they were of one mind when they wrote the Constitution.

Libertarians: The founding fathers were all libertarians and, even though they screwed up a few times, they were of one perfect mind when they wrote the Constitution.

An-Caps: Constitution? Pssh. I didn't sign that crap, I do what I want! And btw, the unorganized militia at Concord was the greatest fighting force IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE!!!!!!!! –4/2

ObamaCare and voter fraud
Models of health coverage
So the Covered California (ObamaCare) people are sending out voter registration forms with "Democrat" already marked... This reminds me of why I left the Left. They don't actually give a damn about democracy nor choice, only the IDEA of democracy while special interests bamboozle the Left into securing plunder via a Democrat party-state. –4/2

Second Fort Hood shooting
Not that I know anything about the military, but Presidents HW Bush and Clinton did the military no favors by turning installations into virtual gun-free zones.  After two shootings at Fort Hood and other shootings at Washington Navy Yard, Norfolk Naval Station, and the National Guard armory in Kentucky, it's time to re-arm the rank and file troops (who are more trained to safely handle weapons than most Americans). Disarming them has only given domestic terrorists and psychos plenty of targets in pretty camouflage. –4/2

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Leland Yee image by X and used via CC BY 3.0 license.  Health care systems graphic by "Kborer" and in the public domain. Both images obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

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