Sunday, April 27, 2014

Five Libertarian Ideas #14 - Muslims, Mexican border, Libyan militias, Bundy Ranch

Pat Dollard's call "for Americans to start slaughtering Muslims in the streets"
Folks, just to clarify, the kind of behavior this gentleman calls for is NOT acceptable. People are being slaughtered by criminals in Chicago yet this guy wants to punish Americans for the actions of extremists on the other side of the planet. This service member's blind hatred may be and probably is tied to extreme combat PTSD from the Middle East. If so, then this man is mentally not all there and should be pitied and helped, not shunned and scorned. -4/4

Mexican soldiers invading Arizona
Mexican Army troops working for drug cartels have infiltrated American soil at least 20 times in recent years. The most recent incursion happened between lightly armed US Border Patrol agents and heavily armed Mexican soldiers. WHY are our troops protecting outposts in other countries in undeclared wars when armed criminal insurgents are criss-crossing our country's border??? -4/4

Libya, the militia state
The US/UN intervention in the Libyan Civil War brought an end to the war so quickly... the rebel government couldn't consolidate power or establish any sort of legitimacy. Now Libya is carved up by 300+ militias, at least one of which is selling oil to North Korea. Great... Oh hey, have we caught Kony yet? -4/4

Bundy Ranch standoff
If the Bundy Ranch invasion ignites a freaking armed uprising, I'm gonna be one REALLY pissed off dude. At everybody. Liberty is worth fighting for; cows and land are not worth dying for. We've had too much death and destruction since 2001. I'd much rather try Gandhi's methods for resisting tyranny than John Brown's. -4/11

Bundy Ranch standoff, continued
Dear God, help us all. As more federal law enforcement arrives with a military-grade arsenal, militia groups from all over are flocking to Nevada for an armed stand off. I don't want there to be any killing. Peaceful resistance has not been exhausted. I want the ALL feds and ALL the militias alike to come home to their families. -4/11
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Mexican soldiers photo by "BSMFBSMF" in the public domain. Militarized police photo by Tony Webster courtesy of CC BY-SA license.  Both photos obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

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