Thursday, March 23, 2017

So You Want To Do Physical Removal...

The alt-right and sellout-anarchists are either naive or intentionally lying about their creed.

British police at Croydon Airport send Jewish refugees back to occupied Poland

The alt-right and their bosom buddies, the Cantwellian Helicopter Libertarians, want to throw people out of helicopters like Pinochet's regime did to dissidents. Those that aren’t excited to commit mass murder in the name of 'liberty' or capitalism still favor a more sterilized, softer form of “physical removal” in the form of deportations or imprisonment.

I say to them: Fine. Physically remove people. But those calling for physical removal better be man enough to do it themselves! History is filled with mass murders that were tolerated by people who chose to remain silent and not get their hands dirty. In 1945, vanquished Germans cried "We didn't know!" to the Allies.  No more of that. If people want physical removal, they need to lead by example and actually start ripping people from their families, not do what the socialist Republicans do and blissfully outsource that violence to the State.

The alt-right conservatives and their expendable auxiliaries, the Helicopter Libertarians, would argue that the federal and state governments exist whether libertarian anarchists want it or not. Therefore, they say, the best chance that ‘freedom’ has in America is for libertarians to use these entities to remove people who are threats to liberty.  That's cute.

What the alt-right ignores is...  (Read more at the Swamp)

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