Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Women, the Anti-Trump March, and Gun Rights

If more women owned guns, perhaps they'd fear the government less.

** As an instructor trained by the NRA and licensed by the BSA, I professionally teach children how to shoot, and what their responsibilities with guns are. I've turned teenage girls into sharpshooters. Feel free to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

Many angry people on the Right severely criticized the national women’s protest march against Donald Trump. But the march was a Rorschach test - it's whatever people want it to be. The Right seems to want it to be a man-hating event. We're talking about over 3 million people around the country, though. I absolutely love and respect the marchers, including the majority that come from the Left, but I have to speak up about this notion of dreaming that someday "women might have the same rights as guns".

Though this is not the intention of the protesters, the original idea scrawled on the pickets logically translates into a desire to be owned by men, to have to register with the local government, to be locked up indoors until men are ready to USE you, and to be banned from going to school or even most public spaces. In California, it would also include background checks and a 10 day waiting period just for having sex. That's how deep runs the spread of misinformation on guns and gun rights.

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