Friday, March 24, 2017

What You Need to Know About Las Vegas and Marijuana

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... unless there's a police record! Here's what you need to know about 420 in Sin City.

Many leading successful entrepreneurs--the multi-millionaires whose books and seminars people pay a ton of money for--all say you should get paid to do what you enjoy so your money works for you instead of you working for money.  In this spirit, I work a great side gig as a nightclub party host on the Las Vegas Strip.  

I have guests asking me random drug questions all the time.  I also see the occasional stoner on the Strip get taken away in handcuffs.  To avoid a ruined vacation and a string of legal problems, here's what you need to know about marijuana laws in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada. I answer the following questions: 

Is marijuana legal in Las Vegas?

Can people smoke weed on the Strip?

Where can people buy weed in Las Vegas?

Can I reek of weed in the club?

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