Sunday, July 7, 2013

Celebrating Blue Republican’s 2nd Birthday

Principles before Party, always.

Today, July 7th, is the second anniversary of the launching of Blue Republican.  This non-partisan organization emerged from its founding to be a driving force in winning multiple county primaries and caucuses for Ron Paul.  How did they do this?  Quite easily: they reached out to voters on the left of the spectrum, moving them with Ron Paul’s message of peace, tolerance, and the beauty that’s possible in a libertarian society.  These voters were willing to register Republican to vote for Ron Paul.

Rarely has one man ever inspired people to completely cross the political spectrum, motivated by exciting new ideas.  Nonetheless, this is what Ron Paul accomplished.  Even in its infancy, the Blue Republican organization played a valuable part in the 2012 campaign cycle.  Unfortunately, Dr. Paul didn’t win the Republican nomination, but he did succeed in permanently injecting pillars of libertarianism into the Republican Party and in changing the course of the national dialogue.

Among the people advocating for the changes urged by Ron Paul—lower taxes, integrity of civil liberties, an end to government-corporate cronyism, and a humble foreign policy—was one tireless activist, Robin Koerner.  A writer by trade, his work featured in the Huffington Post, Koerner exemplifies the American Dream in progress.  Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Koerner is currently a legal resident living in Seattle.  He’s not a U.S. citizen and cannot yet vote, but he’s sure as hell displayed more patriotism than your average born-in-the-USA John Doe.

Most of us are American patriots by circumstance; we were born in this country, were taught the Pledge of Allegiance and the obligatory patriotic songs in elementary school, and grew up learning to love America.  It’s the immigrant who redefines patriotism, as the immigrant consciously chooses to come to this country, to live here, and learns to love America and its ways.  Most of us are Americans by luck; Koerner is an American by choice and by action.  Furthermore, Koerner doesn’t consign himself to the typical behavior of the American voter: watching MSNBC or Fox News to be told by demagogues what to think, deciding which candidate looks better on TV, and then voting.  Koerner, while himself unable to vote, remains involved and gets out the vote.  When I’m not mercilessly teasing this limey with Revolutionary War jokes, it’s an honor to work with Robin Koerner in Blue Republican.

Today, Blue Republican is experiencing a renaissance.  New chapters are forming nationwide, including my native California.  California will perhaps be among the most vital states in this organization.  We realize California is a solid blue state, but this could be turned to our advantage in the 2014 midterm elections and especially the 2016 presidential election.  We would love to bring as many Blue State voters into our organization as possible.  They’d be joining the Republican Party, but would identify chiefly with the libertarian faction and not the voter-fraud warlords in the RNC.

California has many independents, moderate Democrats, and disillusioned liberals unhappy with the Democrat Party.  For example, let’s take the gay community (all of whom are most welcome into the GOP and the liberty movement through Blue Republican).  For decades, the Democrat Party has had a solid majority in both houses of the state legislature.  If they truly gave a damn about the gay community, gay marriage would have been fully legalized in California years ago.

Let’s also approach the War on Drugs.  Most Blue Republicans stalwartly believe that marijuana should be legalized on a state-by-state basis per the 10th Amendment.  We believe no one should be jailed for having marijuana, much less giving a puff to a friend (this is legally considered to be “distribution”), and that other drugs should be decriminalized and regulated just like alcohol.  Most Democrats profess to believe this too.  However, if the Democrats truly gave a damn about the many blacks, Hispanics, and working-class whites rotting away in prison for drug offenses, they would have fully legalized marijuana—like Washington and Colorado—and decriminalized other drugs.  Yet to this day, two consenting adults are told they can’t be fully married (even though it was none of the government’s business in the first place), and our economically disadvantaged brothers and sisters continue to be sentenced to prison for drugs.

To add insult to injury, the Democrat Party tells these victims not to blame the party in power, but to blame the “backward hicks” from the other party that isn’t in power in California.

On the national level, the Obama Administration continues the Afghanistan War and the War on Drugs.  Even Democrat idol Hillary Clinton still stands by her decision to support the invasion of Iraq, supports continuing the Afghanistan War, supported intervention in Libya, and today supports intervening on behalf of the Syrian rebels (despite their ranks being rampant with jihadists).

Many Americans on the left of the spectrum see this, and they are so incredibly frustrated at knowing they’ve been strung along by their party.  They’re willing to give the libertarian faction of the GOP a try.  They’re willing to join us in supporting candidates who are against unconstitutional war, against crony capitalism and corporate bailouts, against the Orwellian NSA spying on law-abiding citizens, and against sending people to prison for marijuana.

Many are willing to join us for one year in 2014 to see what we can accomplish together.  Many more will be willing to join us in 2016.  Everyone reading this is also invited to join us, to become one of us.  Be a Blue Republican for one year and see what we’re able to accomplish when we stand united.

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