Monday, January 23, 2017

Challenge President Trump but Cheer On the First Lady

My friends and my readers know that as a proud Libertarian Party member, I oppose many if not most of President Trump's policies. Nonetheless, I still thoroughly respect him for being the worthiest, most difficult political adversary I've ever faced. These days, he seems not to know how to lose!

I'll oppose him in the political arena and I'll do my best to scale back federal power over the states and the people, but I'll also do my best to learn from his winning strategies. I'll do so knowing he's not thin-skinned, and he understands that's what opposition parties do.  I know he'll continue vigorously defending his policies while I vigorously attack them.  Despite what I believe are my moral obligations as a Libertarian, I’m nothing short of impressed with the new First Lady.

For starters, I vehemently disagree with the hypocritical liberals making negative comments about her occasional nude photoshoots as a supermodel.  I thought we had already established that women have the right to do what they please with their bodies, and that slut shaming is not okay!  I admire everything she had accomplished in her career.  She is literally a self-made woman who grew up designing and sewing her own clothes, who worked her own way out of a Communist republic to become a supermodel in New York City.  This was all before she met the current President.  I took great delight in reading a well-written, well-researched article on how she’s the archetypal wife and mother from Proverbs 31, and encourage all to read it as well.

That being said, the negative comments being made about Barron in the news media and on social media are absolutely unacceptable.  Barron is 10 years old; he’s a child and is OFF LIMITS to the public.  Anyone who goes after him will be fair game for public ridicule.   I’m equally disgusted by the abhorrent behavior of all the right-wingers who wished Sasha Obama a happy 15th birthday by commenting on her Facebook page with horrible racial slurs about her family going back to Africa. President Obama may have been born abroad, but Michelle LaVaughn Robinson is the girl from the South side of Chicago (you right-wing garbage peddlers!).  If either Barron Trump or Sasha Obama were involved in the Boy Scouts of America (two BSA sub-groups are co-ed), I’d be happy to teach them both how to shoot safely and participate in shooting sports at my BSA ranges—and not talk politics the entire time.

As the grandson of dirt-poor immigrants, I think it's wonderful that immediately after the first black FLOTUS, America has its first immigrant First Lady: the beautiful and magnificent Melanija Knavs Trump.  I can’t help but agree with Dr. Michio Kaku that the H1B visa just might be what saves America.  Society has many ills, but these little social victories are reminders that humanity might be getting better after all.

I've decided to formally invite the First Lady to this December's military and veterans ball (but I'm not telling you loquitos which one). At this time there's really no other accomplished human being with whom I'd rather spend an evening talking and dancing. I know it's a long shot but I'm sending the invitation anyway.  I talked it over with my lovely Russian-born friend Natyusha (who is also a fan of Melania Trump), and should the First Lady accept the invitation, the three of us will go together and we’ll call it the first meeting of the Eastern European Women for Liberty caucus.  How wonderful is it that an immigrant risen to such prominence inspires Americans like Natyusha and I.

Our politics need not rule our relationships with our fellow human beings.  Let there be dialogue.  Let there be understanding.  And, as always, give me liberty or give me death.  It’s time to send an invitation and reach out to a wonderful human being.

Deo Vindice. Allons!

* * *

P.S. I’m still challenging the President and his agenda!

* * *

Philadelphia Style magazine cover digital image courtesy of The Inquisitr.

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