Thursday, January 5, 2017

No, 'Clovergender' is NOT a Thing!

Published by the Libertarian Party of Nevada

I'll freely admit to creeping on Lauren Southern's twitter profile on a weekly basis.  She shared something today that's important and an item for clarification: the concept of 'Clovergender.'  (By the way, Lauren, I must confess: your beauty, your wit, your take-no-prisoners style, and your passionate hold on your principles make you ridiculously attractive in my eyes.  I'm madly in love with you [some days], but I've gotta admit that trolling liberals and telling them you identify as an attack helicopter is a total dick move.  It's not nice to knowingly mess with the mentally ill, period.  You're a role model for millions and you're better than that.)  

In the last 2 days a definition of "Clovergender" has gone viral, with a number of social media accounts and amateur blogs nobody cares about going absolutely bananas over this.  Clovergender or 'kindergender' supposedly applies to adults who never mentally develop beyond the age of 13 and believe they're permanent children or preteens trapped in an adult's body.  Hence, they have romantic feelings or sexual attraction to kids and preteens.  Sounds like a major red flag! (Read more)

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