Monday, January 23, 2017

Liberty Hangout, I Hardly Knew Ye

Ex-Special Forces soldier Michael Yon wrote that sometimes the strongest negotiating position is to walk away and mean it.  Last night I walked away from Liberty Hangout. It was fun while it lasted (short as that was). I bear them no ill will at all since it's a page supposedly dedicated to voluntarism.  I volunteered one way and clearly they volunteered in another. But I won't be made a fool of by people who don't respect me.

I only wish they'd been respectful enough to just tell me they prefer to promote Donald Trump, and they weren't interested in my 6 (now 9) articles on making liberals into libertarians. I wish them the best, which I feel is a lot more than I ever got from them. It became apparent over the course of the last week that I was being censored because of my vocal Libertarian skepticism of the Trump regime, as well as my eagerness to recruit new libertarians from the Left.  If the Left had enough good prospects for Murray Rothbard, then it has enough good prospect for me.  It was time to part ways peacefully.  I'm taking my free labor elsewhere.  This is what it looks like when ‘the market’ makes decisions.

I’m deeply concerned about the direction the website is going in the way it glosses over the Keynesianism in President Trump's economic policies.  I had high hopes that I’d actually get to promote voluntarism, but I have a hard time reconciling how its voluntarist owners, based on frequent social media posts, could believe that dropping people from helicopters for what’s basically left-wing thought crime is somehow moral and acceptable.

Anyway, it's over. Minus the Trump propaganda, I really do hope Liberty Hangout climbs in the web rankings because neoconservatives need to be exposed to libertarian ideas.

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