Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Haters Be Damned, I Support Rand Paul

My friend Julie Borowski’s latest video “Rand Paul 2016” inspired me to post this pro-Paul rant.  Gold John Galt Dollars for Julie!  Now, prepare to love me or hate me...

There are many loudmouths within the liberty movement who routinely ruminate over what a “traitor” and “sell out” Rand Paul is ever since he completely blindsided the movement with a June 7 endorsement of The Guy Who Lost to Obama (no I will not say that Massachusetts ex-governor's name).  You haters know who you are.  To all of you I have only two points to make.

Rand campaigning for Ron in his Rick Santorum sweater-vest
First, I completely agree with your reasons to be upset over that surprise endorsement.  Months later, my eyes are still spinning from that Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kick!  Obviously none of us ever expected he’d endorse [the one who would be] the Loser of 2012.  So many of us in the movement had worked countless hours to secure the Republican Party nomination for Ron Paul and unfortunately our short-term goal of electing Ron was not met.

Second, and more importantly, GET OVER IT ALREADY!

Honestly, instead of forming and developing coalitions for the liberty movement so we can get a critical head start in the 2013, 2014, and 2016 elections, conspiratarians and others inclined to whine are still up on the cross over being betrayed by the “crypto-neocon Judas.”  This includes that citizen-stalker "journalist" from We Are Change who's still fixating on the Bilderbergers.

You’ve been crying a river, but now might be the time for you all to come down off the cross and use the wood to build a bridge and get over it.  If I may quote Yoda, “Your trap, shut, you will.”  Believe me, dropping the hatred of Rand will be way more productive both in the short and long runs.  Besides, I’m now focused on wondering why the hell James Bond and everyone else at MI-6 suddenly dropped martinis for Heinekens.  Say again?

Seriously though, you folks need to consider a few things before you carry on with your beef:

·         In order to be backed by Michael Steele and the other charlatans from the RNC in his 2010 Senate run, Rand had to agree to support whoever was the GOP Presidential nominee in 2012.
·         Being the son of one of the most dedicated agents of change in the last 50 years, Rand was probably aware in 2010 that his father would run again for President.  I’m sure you folks know who Ron Paul is…
·         When he made this deal in 2010 he, like most of us, probably thought his father—a Congressman with more college-aged female admirers than Robert Pattinson—would really win the GOP nomination, especially since they were soooooooo dead-set on “anybody but Obama.”
·         Thanks to nearly a year of state- and national-level sabotage by the GOP, a major loss on Super Tuesday, and Jesse Benton having worse timing with questionable emails than General Petraeus, it was pretty obvious to all but the most diehard Kool Aid drinkers by June 7 that Ron Paul wasn’t going to be the nominee.
·         Rand was probably certain, like most of us, that The Guy Who Lost to Obama would get his ass handed to him in November anyway (which he did).  Yet he still had a promise to keep and, at the very least, would require the charlatans’ backing again for a possible 2016 Senate reelection bid.
·         If you see the diarrhea-stricken look on Rand’s face in the endorsement—during which he STILL says “my father is still my #1 pick”—he obviously doesn’t believe his own necessary-at-the-moment propaganda for the Loser of 2012.
·         The RNC had been promising throughout the summer that Ron would be allowed to speak at the national convention.  Rand’s endorsement in June was most likely a condition for that to happen.  Shame on the RNC on reneging on their promise, but kudos to Rand for keeping his end of the bargain.  He’s a man of his word and his father taught him well.
·         Most importantly, I don’t see anyone else in the Senate constantly pushing to abolish the TSA, end the Fed, legalize hemp, and bring our troops home.  Do you?  Didn’t think so.

Yet you still accuse our #1 ally in the Senate of being a neocon.  Due to my [reluctant] agreement with the nonaggression principle, the only thing I can do to you is ask you to punch yourselves in the face.

Rand speaking at the Continuing the Revolution Rally in D.C.
Look, I didn’t like Rand’s endorsement of the 2012 Loser.  None of us did.  But the fact still stands that the work he’s done—and continues to do—is incredibly important for the advancement of our movement.  We need Rand Paul in the Senate.  Better yet, we need 99 more of him in the Senate.  If we can manage to get more men and women like Rand Paul in the senate in 2014, then we can make this man our nominee for the Presidency in 2016.

We need a libertarian in the White House and the only way to get one there is with an “R” after his name on the ballot, not an “L.”  He won’t “restore our liberty”—only we can do that as a group—but he can make our road a hell of a lot less bumpy.  Better yet, it can never be said by Republicans that Rand failed to support their failed nominee.  They tried it their way in 2012, now we can try it out way in 2016.

So before you continue with your quasi-Marxist victimized whining about betrayal and blah-blah-blah, you need to take a moment to weigh a few empty words—words which we may soon learn were necessary at the time—against two years of deeds on our behalf, and more years of noble deeds to come.

I support Rand Paul.

* * *

Rand Paul close up by Allison Stillwell and was released into the public domain.
Continuing the Revolution Rally photo by Mark Taylor and used via CC BY 2.0 license.
Both photos were obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

I'm going to the midnight show of Red Dawn.  I am so freaking excited!  It's like there's two holidays this week: Red Dawn and Thanksgiving Day.


  1. What about his support for sanctions?

  2. To which sanctions are you referring? Liberty people have voted for certain kinds of sanctions, like preventing the sale of weapons to the Iranian government while also condemning other sanctions like the denial of food and medical care.